Wood and Charcoal Grill Oven with 1 grill drawer 1 oven
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Wood and charcoal grill-oven for cooking on the grill on closed chamber, with 1 grill drawer and 1 oven

Either a wood or charcoal barbecue/oven for a closed chamber cooking on a grill. Stainless-steel and cast-iron combustion chamber, with brushed stainless-steel finishing, guarantee of robustness, long lasting life and high hygiene. Ideal for grilling, grating, roosting, smoking and roasting. A burner designed to contain 5 kg of charcoal, 7 kg of firewood. The combustion air is regulable in order to allow the use of the different type of fuel: wood, carbon coke and saw dust pressed bricks. The burner is regulable up to 20cm in height, ensuring the right supply of heat during the final part of the use or in the start-up of the product. Through the smoke draw regulator, situated in the upper part, is possible a further cooking and smoking regulation. 1 grill drawer. Innovative compass opening of the grill drawer, the door hinges are not directly in contact with the combustion fumes excluding them from lubrification and maintenance by the user. The drawer is equipped with stainless-steel grill, easily removable and dishwasher-safe. The drawer is opened with ergonomic heat-proof handles, with a security snap and hermetic closures. The drawer is equipped with a fire-resistant rear that once open prevents the fumes and heat to leak in the working place. Handles and doors prevent from oxygen infiltrations, improving performance and thermal efficiency. By opening the inspection hatch, it is possible to monitor the food being cooked without cooling the cooking area. The drawer’s temperature is shown by analogue thermometers. The thermometers are surrounded by a see-through glass in order to monitor the accidental increment of the flame due to grease and oil dripping on the burner. Stain-resistant protection and wheels to make the handling operations easier are included. 1 Oven. Entirely enamelled, with a refractory surface for an optimal distribution of heat. The oven is equipped with a steam outlet through the smoke duct. The oven door is opened with a heat-proof ergonomic handle, and is equipped with a safety and hermetic latch. Both the handle and the door guarantee that the oven is sealed against undesired oxygen infiltration, increasing performances and thermal efficiency of the oven. Space-saving equipment. Drips and condense catching trays, removable and washable. The trays can also be used as support surfaces during the start-up.

The professional Grill-Oven with multiple features that adds value to any kind of catering

1 – Valvola del sapore
2 – Termometro con vetro di ispezione
3 – Porta ispezione
4 – Maniglia a scatto di sicurezza
5 – Cassetto raccogli grassi (richiudibile salva-spazio)
6 – Porta caricamento combustibile
7 – Comando regolazione aria combustibile
8 – Dispositivo regolazione altezza braciere
9 – Ruote e piedini stabilizzatori



No smoke in the kitchen

No contact with heat for the user

Multiple grill compartments to cook at different temperatures equipped with a fire-resistant bulkhead: this device prevents heat leaks

Perfect cooking thanks to the various controls and settings

Temperature thermometer equipped with a glass to control the flame

Safety snap handles to guarantee a hermetic and heat-proof latch



Easy to clean thanks to the brushed steel finishing

Frontal working position

Inspection hatch to control the cooking without cooling the food

Steel grills and shelves, removable and washable in the dishwasher

External hinges with compass-opening, requiring no maintenance

Space saving, drips and condense catching trays, removable and washable

Support surface

Mounted on wheels to ease handling operations

Control valve for smoke / flavour / smokehouse function

Transport cart for outdoor use, ideal for catering



Save energy, time and space

Height adjustable brazier with grill raising device

Productivity increase up to 50%

Fuel usage reduction up to 80% compared to open grill

Fuel usage reduction up to 50% compared to traditional ovens

More space available in the kitchen thanks to its limited encumbrance

Possibility to be recessed between fireproof materials



Patent pending

Ideal for grilling, grating, roosting, smoking and roasting

The heat from the embers surrounds the food preserving its organoleptic properties

It brings out the flavour and the aroma keeping all the juices and mineral salts inside the food being cooked

It guarantees softness and flavours and avoids the risk for the food to be carbonized like it happens when you cook over a free flame

More creativity in the kitchen thanks to the enamelled oven and refractory plate with the remove-vapour device, ideal for bakery and confectionery products

Grease dripping shield

Rated heat input - kW5.96
Nominal heal output - kW4.44.5
Efficiency - %7474
Maximum fuel load - kg56
Fuel consumption - kg/h1.40.75
Working temperature - °C200 / 420170 / 370
Oven termperature min/max - °C200 / 320170 / 270
Average service duration - h1,5 / 25 / 7
Start-up time - m90'45'
Weight - kg198198
Dimensions: grill drawer door HxW - mm215x606215x606
Dimensions: inspection hatch HxW - mm110x315110x315
Dimensions: oven HxLxW - mm161x475x450161x475x450
Grill area - cm218201820
Dimensions: combustion brazier HxWxL - mm140x365x420140x365x420
Flue gas exhaust diameter - mm120120
Average grill production (300g x serving) - Serving/h5050
CO Emissions - %0.70.45
Minimum draught required - Pa-10-10
Extractor hood minimum outlet - m³/h21002100
Flue gas speed near the extractor hood - m/s>1 >1
Extractor hood minimum distance - mm350350
Flammable materials minimum distance - cm22
the power, working temperature, fuel consumption values can vary depending on the fuel type, dimension, chimney draught, ESTRO's dampers setting